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Love is a camera

Today, I'm thinking about Love. Not because it's February, although February is the perfect month to think about love...and chocolate. No, today, I'm thinking about the kind of love the runs through my veins and connects me to the wonder of this planet and it's Creator. That kind of love.

Growing up I've always sensed God more in nature than in churches or groups. Not that God didn't show up in those places, God did. Yet, I never sensed God's presence as powerfully in a building than I did, and do, in nature.

The beauty, the wildness, a place with no shame, just being...natural. I felt God in every breeze, current of water as I waded or rafted many rivers and kayaked many lakes. I felt God in the soft touch of a butterfly and the sweet perch of a wild bird. I've heard God sing across the mountains and deep in the canyons. I've heard God's voice in the thunder clap, and also in the soft lullabies of frogs or lighthearted songbirds. To be in nature is to feel God with all the senses. God is in every detail. No wonder God's son spent to much time there!

In 2014, my mom passed away from complications of pancreatic cancer. Before that day she gifted me with the camera shown on the shelf in the photo above. I've always been a shutterbug, but that summer something changed. Things took on a new depth, another dimension of vision that I hadn't noticed before. The only way I can describe it is, wonder-illuminated-LOVE. It surrounds us, everyday, even on the bleakest ones. It's still there. Beckoning, loving us back in to BEING. Receiving that camera opened my eyes and heart to a dimension of love I hadn't experienced before.

Nature doesn't care what or who you are. It simply invites us to be...be amazed, be calmed, be still, be excited, laugh, cry, rest, run, be known as part of creation without titles, labels or shame. It's in nature we can be ourselves. Naked with clothes on,,,,or not. The last few years my camera has become an extension of that LOVE. Every time I capture an eagle in pose or flight, my heart beats a little faster with wonder. When I capture a lightning flash, storm cloud or rainbow I am blown away at the power and beauty created, Add people who are enjoying themselves and smiles come easy? It's heaven on earth. Sharing nature is the best party feeling out there.

Nature's lessons are easy on the soul and can lighten the heaviest heart. Butterflies remind me life is beautiful and fleeting. Each day precious. Coyotes remind me to play with glee and forget who's watching. Dew drops take me to another place in their intricate details and reflections of what's around it. Liquid diamonds, plentiful on a humid fall morning. Ice brings a beautiful mosaic of color and form during cold days.....begging me to dress in layers and come out and play. "Look! Look at this! What do you see???" Even death in nature teaches me that all is as it should be and is taken care of. Ask a vulture. These crazy, very social birds have a great sense of humor. Wouldn't you, if you had their job?

Each and every moment I spend in nature connects me to the Divine Lover, Creator of this world. Even the dark, cloudy days have something to offer, if we only tune in and look. As a friend and mentor once said "KJ, you find beauty in the mundane" Once you learn how to see it, it's everywhere. Sometimes it will knock your socks off and sometimes you may have to get close, or cold, but it's there waiting for you.

I've upgraded my camera since 2014 a couple times. I'm sure I'm not done yet....but always, it's my hope that a bit of that LOVE comes through the images I share and invites another soul to "just sit in LOVE and be".

Thanks Mom.